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Career & Caregiving:

A Guide to Caring for a Terminally Ill Parent While Keeping Your Career and Wellness Intact


People from all walks of life have stepped into a role as a caregiver without having any proper warning or training. With extensive duties and responsibilities, caregivers find it difficult and daunting to balance all the duties while maintaining their career. In Career and Caregiving, Beverly shares strategies that helped her balance life as a caregiver while maintaining a healthy work life.

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Memories of a Daughter's Last Cry


Embark on a journey of laughs, cries, and an unbreakable bond between family members; a bond that proves love surpasses all, even after death. Uncover this touching testimony of a daughter’s last cry, witnessing a father battling prostate cancer; a disease that has plagued our community for far too long. Experience first-hand trials and tribulations that forces one to know that early detection is key.

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