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 Donald's Resource Corner is dedicated to my father, the late Donald Baldwin, Sr.  Please check out our resources below for links, articles, videos and more!


Dear Daddy,

July 15th of 2012 will forever be the day that life as I knew it was changed. The day God saw that your earthly works here was done. He said, “job well done” and ushered you down that golden pathway to your eternal resting place. Daddy, hero, provider, God-fearing are just a few names I can call you.

Whew! Life hereafter has been true trial and error, navigating this life without you. Tough decisions that needed to be made left me stumped. Going to your grave looking and listening for a clue as to what advice you could summon from the heavens. Milestones have been conquered. I stand by your grave to tell you the exciting news.   Since your transition, I vowed to continue your legacy by getting involved with like minded organizations to fight against and bring awareness to prostate cancer; that unforgivable disease that took you away from me. Until good becomes better, and better becomes best, I won’t let it rest.

Life down here will never be the same without you! Memories of a Daughter’s Last Cry will be just a piece of our legacy that will be left behind for generations to come! Job well done daddy! Job well done! Thank you for everything you have provided and instilled in me. Daddy, I will forever strive to make you proud! Until we meet again, I’ll look to the heavens for your continued guidance and support!


Love forever,

Your Baby Girl Beverly

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Community Events

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Author Chats

Author Chats With Bev

Author Chats With Bev was started to answer frequently asked questions around prostate cancer. Check out the short informational videos!

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When Is A Person Considered A Cancer Survivor?

Invest In Your Craft!

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